• Mr.Cook built-in cooking appliances

    This website is dedicated to built-in cooking appliances distributors looking for top quality ovens, hobs, and freestanding cookers which meet the very highest standards of demanding customers.

    Completely designed and manufactured in Italy, following the strictest international quality and safety standards, Mr.Cook offers personal customised cooking appliances - with your personal brand name - for any market in the world. These products are high-quality, reliable, and efficient, and include special features all while offering the flexibility to better satisfy your customers’ needs for many years to come.

  • From over 20 years

    Mr.Cook's expertise has served cooking appliance distributors in many markets around the world, with a specific attention to Europe, Canada, Australia, and Brasil.

    Discover the complete range of Mr.Cook cooking appliances, which have already satisfied many distributors worldwide.

  • Customised for your customers’ needs!

    Mr.Cook cooking appliances are dedicated to food lovers who aspire to cook like a professional. They are distinctive and modern Italian cooking appliances for people who like to distinguish themselves from the regular chef.

    If you are looking for durable cooking appliances with special dimensions and still have not been satisfied, you are in the right place! Discover Mr.Cook's custom-built range of ovens, hobs, and freestanding cookers, which perfectly fit any installation, customised for you, with your brand name!

Our products

Custom 4U

One step beyond to satisfy any of your customer needs

Precision is a matter of size, and even when your clients ask for customised cooking appliances, Mr.Cook is ready to satisfy your requests with customised design. Thanks to years of expertise, flexibility, original design and aesthetics, and always respecting international safety standards, Mr.Cook can guarantee the best modern and customised cooking products on the market.

Mr.Cook is the true expression of customisation.
Thanks to its company organisation, Mr.Cook can make functional products to any specific request. No matter which size or width you need, Mr.Cook's manufacturing expertise can satisfy any of your customer desires! For example: we created particular ovens for clients to avoid mixing ingredients together, so they can enjoy Shabbat.

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We are a manufacturer looking for new distributors worldwide.

We are interested in developing new markets, and looking for cooking appliance distributors in new countries such as the Middle East, Far East, Russia, South America, and Africa.

If you are a cooking appliances distributor, do not hesitate to contact us!

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